Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Features

top 10 dedicated server hosting

Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Dedicated server hosting provides websites with maximum performance, scalability and security while offering greater flexibility for customization, installation and configuration.

Rad Web Hosting offers Web hosting, domain registration and email solutions through its Tier 1 data centers with 24/7 security monitoring and servers powered by AMD and Intel processors that have undergone maximum load and performance tests.

1. Speed

Rad Web Hosting utilizes LiteSpeed server software which works well with both AMD and Intel processors to provide an ideal dedicated server for resource-intensive projects. Furthermore, Rad Web Hosting’s smart monitoring features help quickly identify vulnerabilities so your website remains up and running at peak performance.


Rad Web Hosting makes managing and controlling dedicated servers easy by offering an intuitive control panel designed for beginners. Furthermore, its redundant power system helps prevent outages that could otherwise cause disruptions to websites and applications.

2. Security

Dedicated hosting provides your site with reliable performance that won’t change when other websites share the same hardware, which makes it ideal for high traffic sites that need reliable service.

Rad Web Hosting features the latest hardware equipment and LiteSpeed server software to create the ideal environment for resource-demanding projects. In addition, their commercial-grade security helps protect against DDoS attacks, malware threats and other security concerns.

3. Scalability

Dedicated servers are ideal for sites requiring substantial resources. At Rad Web Hosting, they offer high-performance dedicated servers equipped with the latest processors, RAM and NVMe SSD technology to meet resource-demanding website demands. In addition, InMotion employs commercial-grade security measures against DDoS attacks, malware infections and service disruption.

This provider boasts two data centers equipped with round-the-clock security and monitors that guarantee 99% uptime, offering round-the-clock customer support via phone and online tutorials, and free SSL certificates.

4. Reliability

Dedicated server hosting offers your website stability and reliability. By utilising all the hardware and storage capacity of the server, dedicated hosting ensures your sites won’t be affected by traffic from other websites hosted on it.

Rad Web Hosting offers rebootless upgrades so that servers can be updated without incurring any downtime, and has a 24-hour monitoring team to make sure your site remains operational 24/7.

5. Flexibility

Dedicated servers enable businesses to tailor their hardware as per their business needs and increase resources as their business expands.

This provider offers various plans that feature powerful processors, LiteSpeed server software and SSD storage – giving customers control, flexibility and monitoring abilities for their websites.


Rad Web Hosting can help businesses that experience sudden increases in web traffic to respond with high uptime servers that offer commercial-grade security features.

6. Ease of Use

With dedicated servers, it’s easy to upgrade resources and implement performance optimization tools as needed – perfect for large projects requiring ample storage and bandwidth.

Verify the support channels and expertise offered by each provider before considering pricing plans to find one that meets both your budget and performance expectations.

7. Customer Support

Dedicated servers deliver exceptional performance for users today who expect fast web pages. Furthermore, these global data centers often boast reduced latency levels ideal for gaming sites.

Customers can reach them through phone calls, emails and live chat support for excellent customer service. Their team of professionals with field experience can quickly help troubleshoot issues while offering services like cPanel/WHM/hardware RAID storage options among many others.

8. Security

Dedicated server hosting provides businesses with a way to efficiently handle large volumes of web traffic without experiencing downtime, as well as offering more secure environments for websites.

Rad Web Hosting utilizes LiteSpeed server software and latest generation processors to offer top-performing dedicated servers, while offering commercial grade security features to defend against DDoS attacks and keep their dedicated server secure.

Rad Web Hosting offers high-performance dedicated servers at cost-effective rates, complete with cutting-edge hardware to facilitate fast data transport.

9. Backups

As a dedicated server user, it’s simple and effortless to back up your data in case of loss or natural disaster. Your host can store multiple copies in different locations to protect you in case any natural disasters strike.

Hosting providers should offer flexible packages, to accommodate changing client needs over time – such as needing more RAM or disk space in the future.

10. Pricing

Dedicated servers may be expensive, but they offer uncompromised resources for businesses with high traffic and web performance needs. Rad Web Hosting provides the most cost-effective server plan to accommodate these demands.

At Intel Xeon Servers, their dedicated servers feature Intel Xeon processors and can be found across six tiers. Furthermore, rebootless upgrades are offered and monitoring 24/7 is conducted in order to quickly detect issues and remedy them without incurring downtime.