How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Host

If your site receives high traffic volumes or requires superfast performance, a dedicated server host could be just what is needed. With resources dedicated solely to your website, bottlenecks and downtime will no longer be an issue.

Liquid Web and Bluehost are two top dedicated server hosts, each offering generous resources and superior performance results. In addition, both offer scalable servers should your business outgrow its initial capacity of the dedicated server you choose.


When choosing a dedicated server host, make sure that they offer security features to guard against cyberattacks such as firewalls and data encryption. Your host should also enable secure login options from trusted networks.


Anti-DDoS tools provided by some hosting providers provide businesses with added protection from DDoS attacks that prevent legitimate customers from accessing their websites. DDoS attacks can be devastatingly disruptive to businesses’ operations as legitimate customers cannot reach them online.

IONOS offers affordable and dependable dedicated servers at competitive rates with a variety of resources included. All their plans offer secure SSH/SFTP access with 24/7 monitoring as well as up to 10TB bandwidth – as well as discounted OV/EV SSL certificates! Their plans are managed so they take care of server configuration updates, monitoring, and any necessary repairs for you.


When selecting a dedicated server host, be certain they can meet the evolving needs of your business. One effective strategy to accomplish this goal is selecting a provider with multiple data centers across various regions – this will ensure high connectivity and performance even during periods of increased traffic.

Look for a host that provides flexible plans and upgrades with no downtime; this will save money and prevent overpaying for resources you don’t require.

DreamHost provides fully and semi-managed dedicated server hosting options with unlimited bandwidth and offers free software updates as well as first-class technical support around the clock. They also offer various server features, such as choosing an operating system and unlimited storage utilizing both SSD and HDD drives on each of their servers.


Good-performing dedicated server hosts offer high speeds and features tailored specifically to website owners. Furthermore, these hosts will allow websites to expand without upgrading service levels; fast response technical support should any issues arise;


Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans may be expensive, but they provide ample power and speed. Their Intel Xeon options meet various needs including dual-core and quad-core processors; additionally they offer a 30-day money back guarantee should something not work out with them.

InterServer is another excellent option for dedicated servers. They offer various packages and features, such as 10 Gbps network ports, custom intershield protection layer with inter-insurance policy coverage and rapid deployment with great response time via chat support.


Find a dedicated server host with excellent reliability features, such as daily backups and autoscaling in case of traffic surges. Also make sure the provider offers multiple operating systems and offers ample bandwidth.

A reliable dedicated hosting provider should offer plenty of storage. Options could include HDD or SSD. If speed and reliability are key considerations for you, SSD is usually the better choice.

DreamHost is an experienced dedicated server host offering various plans. Their affordable plans come equipped with unlimited bandwidth. In addition, DreamHost employs a 24-hour monitoring team. Lastly, its customer support can be reached via phone call, email and live chat – giving their clients peace of mind!

Customer Support

Since dedicated hosting is expensive, it is crucial that you find a host that provides exceptional customer support. In an ideal world, the host should be available around-the-clock with multiple support channels as well as a knowledge base that answers common inquiries.

Liquid Web offers fast and dependable dedicated servers at competitive rates, backed by an uptime guarantee of 100% and offering geo-redundancy and disaster recovery support. Furthermore, their technical support provides unparalleled response times in the industry.

InMotion provides reliable dedicated servers at competitive rates. Their plans feature either cPanel or Plesk hosting platforms with unlimited bandwidth and managed support services; additionally they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.