Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) is an innovative web hosting option that bridges the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. Utilizing virtualization technology, VPS hosting provides you with a dedicated slice of physical server resources such as disk space and memory allocations.

Owning part of a data center at an affordable price!


VPS hosting makes use of virtualization technology to create isolated environments on one physical server, with each virtual environment having its own disk space, memory usage, virtual CPU usage and software setup – providing comparable performance, control and customization features as those found with dedicated servers at more cost-effective price points.


If your website experiences an unexpected spike in web traffic due to a promotional campaign, new product launch, or peak buying season, adding bandwidth or storage quickly and seamlessly without downtime is easy and can save significant costs by paying only for what is used instead of paying for an entire server for just this spike in website activity.

Scalability is of utmost importance if you’re running a growing business or app with moderate to spiky traffic that needs better performance than shared hosting can offer, or looking to save money by purchasing a dedicated server instead. At WebFusion we can help your scalable horizontally or vertically; whatever suits best.


VPS hosting gives you exclusive resources on a partitioned physical server, offering greater scalability and performance than shared environments. RAM, CPU power and data remain exclusively yours — unlike in shared hosting environments which may be affected by sudden traffic surges or resource-hogging sites hosted on the same platform.

Improve the speed of your website or app with high-quality hardware and SSD storage. Achieve faster page loads with a CDN or streaming multimedia files will enrich user experiences, while streamlining code and installing caching plugins will further optimize performance for an enhanced user experience.

Get guaranteed bandwidth and access cPanel, the popular web hosting control panel with an easy graphical user interface to help manage your environment. Furthermore, root access gives you freedom to make any server modifications yourself as opposed to shared or managed services which handle these changes on behalf of their host company.



Your server software offers numerous security options built-in or available as add-ons; for instance, cPanel software has an option which hardens website security by mandating strong passwords and sanitizing user input – this helps prevent cyber attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in its code and accessing user information.

Keep your applications up-to-date to reduce vulnerabilities on your VPS, since developers regularly release new versions with security patches. Vulnerability scans can also help identify weak points in your security; managed VPS hosts often employ these tools in their tests against real world threats.

VPS web hosting is an innovative approach to web hosting that divides one physical server into multiple virtual parts that act like standalone servers, with their own dedicated disk space, memory, vCPUs and software installation setup. This provides more control and more secure hosting options compared to shared or dedicated options while still costing significantly less than renting an entire server.


VPS hosting isolates your website in its own virtual container on a host server, providing affordability, customization, and guaranteed performance for growing websites and applications.

VPSs utilize hypervisor software that divides physical servers into several virtual environments that operate autonomously over the operating system, giving each website on the VPS its own set of memory, disk space and processing power which aren’t affected by other users’ resource needs.

VPS hosting allows each website on it to operate independently from one another, eliminating the possibility for “contamination”, where one site overuses resources and negatively affects another website. Most web hosts offer VPS in either managed or unmanaged versions; managed VPS include essential security features and customer support while unmanaged VPS require technical expertise in managing themselves independently.