Single Page Applications

single page application

Single Page Applications

Single page applications are what we call website applications that do not require a full page of “body” content. The concept of the Single Page Application is quite simple and would be very straightforward to understand. But the point of this article is to take you through a brief look at its impact and what can be done with it.

There are many benefits associated with Single Page Applications. In fact, these are the most popular web applications out there today. When most people talk about Single Page Applications, they usually refer to it as “Screens”Chrome Pages”. If you do not have Chrome, try to install it on your system and play around with it.

What you need to remember here is that even though you do not see all the content of an entire page on the screen, you can still make use of it to interact with the rest of the application. This feature is called “Live Markup”Auto Live Markup”. It allows you to develop the entire application for more convenient access to the content.

As the name suggests, it allows you to have open applications. The concept here is that when you use the application, all other pages which you need to be accessed by the user will be available in “Always On Top” mode.

Another benefit associated with Single Page Applications is that you will get the advantage of being able to control everything from a single screen. That means you can easily open multiple applications at the same time by dragging the apps that you want to view on top of your “App Bar”. In other words, you will have applications like Gmail open and messages in your inbox to view. However, when you need to view other things in your Gmail account, you can still just move them to your “Gmail app bar”.

While using it, you will find that it has certain aspects that you will appreciate. For instance, you can select all the tabs in Firefox and expand them all at once. You can also have instant comments on your tabs and group your chats into groups.

The bottom line here is that the Single Page Application concept is highly flexible and will fit any business or website of any size. These applications will also help you get rid of any unnecessary distractions and allow you to focus on your purpose.

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