Top 5 Podcast Hosting Platforms

Top 5 Podcast Hosting Platforms

It’s not easy to find the best podcast hosting platforms. But if you want to take the hassle out of hosting your podcast, here are some tips to help you find the best available.

If you’re just getting started with podcasting, you can always start with free hosting platforms. There are a ton of them available for you to choose from – search engines are really good at this, but it can be very difficult to sort through the contenders.

After you’ve found a particular podcast platform that appeals to you, it’s important to remember that quality is everything. A hosted podcast won’t go viral – and if you don’t have good quality content on your site, you won’t draw as many listeners as you would have had with more high quality content.

That said, a podcast hosting platform should also be able to optimize the software that you want to use to host your podcast. Remember that the web hosts will make you pay a monthly fee – not enough to make up for any expenses they might incur in optimizing the podcast hosting software. Find out how much each hosting company will charge before you sign up.

Podcast management is something that newbies often forget about. Every host must know how to organize their podcast hosting space and know when to remove it. You should have to use your podcasting software to remove or edit your podcast on a regular basis, so you need to take advantage of the tools that you’re given to make sure it stays organized.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when choosing a host is whether they offer email support. If you’re new to podcasting, your goal should be to be able to do all your podcasting while you’re on the road, so having a company who can answer your questions and give you helpful hints and guidance will really help.

Once you’ve settled on the best podcast hosting platforms, you can then look at what other people are saying about them. Search for blog posts and reviews on blogs that are related to the podcast hosting company, or join online discussion boards to get some first hand experience with the company.