Slip & Fall Accidents Can Cause Severe Injury

Slip & Fall Accidents Can Cause Severe Injury

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Slip & Fall Accidents Can Cause Severe Injury

By: Adriana N.

If an individual has a slip & fall accident he might be entitled to compensation from the property owners if the property owners were negligent in maintaining their property in a safe condition. An accident can occur on the premises if the floor is covered with broken tiles or loose carpet and a person slips and falls as a result of the unsafe condition. Property owners have a duty to repair any broken tiles and loose carpet or any other hazardous conditions on their premises.

Restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that are open to the public have to take steps in order to ensure the customer safety. If the floors are being mopped there must be a warning sign alerting customers to be careful. However, a sign warning that the floor is wet is not enough to prevent liability.

If a customer does not see the sign that warns that the floor is wet and then slips the business owner can still be held responsible. Building codes require that business buildings are up to safety standards in order to protect visitors who might not otherwise be aware of a dangerous condition. Business buildings must meet code standards which require that all floors are level and even.

An uneven floor can cause a person to lose his balance and tumble to the ground. City inspectors are constantly checking business establishments such as shopping malls, restaurants, and grocery stores, to make sure that safety code requirements are being adhered to. Business owners can expect a fine if they are in violation of a safety code provision.

Studies show that people who have an injury at a personal residence rather than a business premise are not as likely to file a lawsuit. People who are injured at a personal residence usually know the property owner and choose not to sue because of their personal relationship with the owner. The severity of an injury depends on many factors such as the surface a person falls on, the impact the person has when falling, and whether or not a person had a preexisting condition.

A person who has slipped and fallen can suffer severe bumps and bruises and even lacerations. A person could suffer a joint sprain or even broken bone if he falls on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. Some people are unfortunate enough that they suffer a head injury from falling on a hard surface which could result in permanent injury to the brain.

Some injuries will take a very long time to heal and the person who has fallen may incur extensive medical bills. In order to pay for medical bills a person who has fallen can bring a legal action against the property owner where the accident occurred. A victim can also sue for lost wages if he had to take time off from work to recover from his injury and order to visit the doctor.

A slip & fall injury can be severe if the person who falls injures his head or breaks a limb. Property owners have a duty to keep their floors hazard free and owners are liable to a victim for medical bills and lost wages if the owner is found to be negligent in keeping his property free of hazards. City inspectors are on the alert for business premises that have unsafe conditions and will fine a business order in violation of safety code requirements.

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